Loud jazz - and the remarkable Lumia 1020...

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We've featured video shot on the incomparable Lumia 1020 before, but here's another for the mix, some really loud live jazz, captured with stereo audio perfection...

This was recorded by AAWP reader Willy Nielsen at La Fontaine in Copenhagen, Denmark on 27 April 2018.

As usual for such videos, click through to maximise their size and quality according to your screen and bandwidth:

Willy writes: "the sound at the venue was very loud, but very good. My friend's iPhone sounded horrible, totally distorted sound, by comparison". And mono, as with video capture on all iPhones - a restriction I still can't understand in 2018.

From a technical point of view, the sound capture from the Lumia 1020 was indeed terrific. The frame wobbled a bit, despite the OIS, but I suspect that if Willy knew his video would be featured on AAWP then he'd have taken more care about holding the phone more steadily.

I'd also have been interested in seeing him use the PureView zoom, which works so well in video form. Maybe next time, Willy? Any more jazz gigs coming up?

PS. It goes without saying that the Lumia 1020 concerned was running Windows Phone 8.1 - you lose the stereo capture if you hack it up to Windows 10 Mobile. Just saying...

Source / Credit: Youtube