Podcasted UWP gets Fluent Design, light theme, podcast pinning

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Back in November 2017 I featured another new UWP podcatcher: Podcasted. And I noted that it had been updated in the last few days, so I dug further in order to get a changelog since my first story. Here's what's new:

  • episode list: fluent design effect
  • button highlight reveal effect in Xbox
  • Xbox support (with full gamepad support)
  • light theme
  • wider sleep timer options ( from 5 mins to 1 hour )
  • compact overlay mode(aka picture in picture in PC; driver mode which prevent screen off with bigger button in Mobile)
  • in progression episode list / downloaded episode list / favorite episode list
  • pin favorited podcast to start screen ( by right clicking the favorited podcast )
  • check unplayed podcast episodes numbers
  • accessibility support for blind people

All good stuff. Here's Podcasted UWP v1.3 in action:

Screenshot, PodcastedScreenshot, Podcasted

Showing off the new light theme - yes, not very power efficient, but cleanly done if you prefer 'Light'! (right) the new sleep timer options...

Screenshot, PodcastedScreenshot, Podcasted

You can now long press a podcast to pin it to the Start screen, unsubscribe or show unplayed episodes; (right) Fluent Design at its most minimal, but we appreciate the thought. Early days for Podcasted UWP!

You can grab Podcasted UWP here in the Store, the in-app-urchase is to remove the banner ads and some limitations and is £2. Worth keeping your eye on and, yes, I'm overdue revisiting my UWP podcatcher round up feature here on AAWP!

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