8 SoundCloud UWP just works... just about!

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SoundCloud is a great service for discovering new music - and sometimes letting it host your own. AudioCloud UWP has been the main client under Windows 10 Mobile for the service for some time, but there's now the slightly oddly named 8 SoundCloud UWP. It's a true UWP in that it works on XBox, laptop, and phone, etc. but it's fair to say that the experience on the phone isn't quite as good as on the other form factors.

From the Store description:

8SoundCloud is an awesome music player built for YOU and your Windows 10 Device! Are you ready for a brand new world of music?

Listen to your favorite sounds, explore new content and much more. Listen to all the music you love thanks to 8Soundcloud.

  • Explore Trending Music and Audio feeds 
  • Search for tracks, artists and other users 
  • Background Audio
  • Follow friends and artists to hear what they share 
  • Anonymous listening: download the app and play popular songs or audio without creating an account

Here's 8 SoundCloud UWP in action:


The interface starts off clean enough, with a choice of light or dark themes for some of the page elements. You can browse SoundCloud anonymously or log in to see your own profile and likes.


Sadly the interface is a cluttered mess on the phone. I can only assume that it makes more sense on other Windows 10 form factors. It does work, mind you, and I was able to play, shuffle tracks and play a 'station'. Just don't expect pixel perfection!


Viewing what's currently playing - no play controls, so you have to pop up the volume button system media controls instead, which is a kludge; (right) station track lists get out of whack, here I'm playing the third track, yet the interface still shows the first as current!

You can grab this in the Store here. In theory there are in-app-purchases, probably as donations towards development, but they don't seem to be implemented yet.

Plenty of work for the developer to do, I get the impression that the developer is active, so I'll wait for updates and report back.

Source / Credit: Store