Intel's dual-screened folding 'future'

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Intel has invited PC World into its design labs for a look at the 'future' of computing, with the video below well worth a watch. Both a 'current' folding tablet (with secondary e-ink display) and 'future' tablet (with secondary full colour display) are demonstrated. Competition for whatever Microsoft has in mind for later this year? Well... maybe.

All very interesting for those people who have been waiting for a Microsoft folding 'Surface Mobile', though there are some core differences here:

  • The devices shown are running with Intel chipsets - obviously. Which means that there's no true 'instant on' and that battery life will be much lower than for the Windows 10 on ARM devices already available and which will arrive over the next 12 months, based on (e.g.) the Snapdragon 850 ARM chipsets.
  • In addition to chunky bezels, the devices shown have a sizeable middle hinge, very obvious when you're trying to use the two screens as one. In contrast, the Microsoft patents unearthed so far show a curved display edge system that allows for an almost seamless join of the two screens. In fairness, we haven't seen the latter for real yet, and the video above shows no more than early prototypes, but the Intel solutions do seem a bit more primitive, similar to what we saw on the ZTE Axon M recently.

Wonderful to see the future coming together though.

Source / Credit: YouTube