1tuner PWA yet another Internet Radio source

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Not too long ago, I featured Radiolise, a new Internet Radio PWA (Progressive Web Application) that runs in the Edge browser or can be packaged neatly by PAWA or similar. And now we have another, 1tuner.com - clean and slick, though with a reduced station selection from across the world. If you're happy with just mainstream favourites then this has you covered though.

There's certainly no shortage of UWP and PWA Internet radio utilities, but this is curated (in terms of streams) and reliable. Well worth adding to your favourites, pinning or packaging for your Start screen, etc.

Here's 1tuner PWA in action:


URL bar aside (and you can zap this by packaging the PWA in PAWA, for example), it's 100% app-like. Here I'm showing the home view, with your most listened to stations, any planned listening, the currently playing station and (bottom) four tabs/pane controls; (right) browsing through the curated station selections - a few dozen at most rather than the hundreds you normally see, but I'm guessing the developer has stuck to only feeds that he finds are reliable and high quality?


You can find stations by quick matching their names (above, left), by filtering by country (above, right), and, generally, by just browsing. It's not as if there are hundreds of station logos to scroll through!


A planning feature lets you set specific stations for specific times of day, should you get into a listening routine with your Windows 10 phone, desktop, etc.

As with the Radiolise PWA, on the phone there are playback limits when 1tuner's Edge instance isn't in the foreground and the display is on, so you may have to pop back within every 15 minutes or so to the tab/Edge in order to refresh things from the point of view of Windows 10 Mobile's media playback routines.

Still, another useful PWA find, I think. You can use this yourself at 1tuner.com

Source / Credit: 1tuner