New APIs in Windows 10 show off Surface Mobile's full 360 degree hinge

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As often happens, additions to software can leak hardware plans and this is what happened in the recent builds of Windows 10 RS5 (due for release in a few months), it seems. A new constant with five (or six, depending on how you count) possible states reveals possible configurations of a folding mobile device, almost certainly what is project 'Andromeda' internally and what will end up as the Surface Mobile (or similar) when it appears on the open market later this year.

WalkingCat has been delving into Windows 10 Build 17704 and the screenshot below shows Microsoft is actively mapping ways that Windows 10 can respond to the hinge state of a dual-screen device:

Hinge APIs

The five states listed are:

  • closed
  • concave (laptop mode)
  • flat (tablet mode)
  • convex (tent mode)
  • full (phone mode)

It's all getting quite exciting and the timing of Redstone 5 ties in neatly with latest predictions for 'Andromeda' getting announced.

My guess is still for a Surface Mobile at $1000/£1000 to be announced in September and available in November, along with OEM copies and variations arriving before the end of the year.

And, no doubt, many more leaks and teases between now and then.

Will a 'Surface Mobile' full replace a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone? Possibly. There will be questions over imaging, of course, such a crucial part of the modern phone experience. But, in principle, a folding device that can be 'pocketed' and with full telephony on board, could be a 'one and only' computing device for the true road warrior. I'm one such and I can't wait.

Surface Mobile render

Andromeda mocked up in 'full' and 'closed' modes.

Source / Credit: WalkingCat