The GPD Pocket 2 about to launch

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As with the Surface Go, this isn't a phone and, in fact, this doesn't even have a touchscreen, but the GPD Pocket 2 is still worthy of your attention because it's an ultra-portable and not much more than phone-sized. GPD has this up on Indiegogo, although the campaign hasn't started yet, so some patience may be required.

Pocket 2

From the Indiegogo page (this URL may change when funding goes live):

We think that the ideal second-generation GPD Pocket should be:

  • A pocket sized computer catering for the mobile computing needs of high-end business professionals.
  • Streamlined and fashionable in appearance and made with UNIBODY machined magnalium, with stylish rounded features rather than harsh angular ones.
  • Small enough to fit in a pocket, and better than the Microsoft (m3) Surface Pro in performance.
  • Not larger than the first generation GPD Pocket, with a maximum weight less than 500g.
  • Equipped with at least a 7-inch screen so as not to impact work productivity.
  • Using a traditional keyboard layout as best as possible to minimize user adaption.
  • Equipped with a Micro SD card slot and more USB A ports, supporting the expansion of storage space without needing a separate USB HUB.
  • Using active cooling, rather than aiming for a passively cooled ultra-thin design which would sacrifice performance.
  • Flexible to allow the user to select a low noise operating mode to cater for user preferences.
  • Compatible with all chargers and mobile power banks. Just go with one power adapter for both of your cellphone and Pocket 2.

The Pocket 2 looks very capable indeed, and I like the way the keyboard has been reworked to keep key sizes for alphabetic characters as large and as well spaced as possible:


Well done - so no shrinking down a full size layout, as on the Surface Go. The 'optical finger navigation' looks a bit odd, but hey, apparently the screen is touch-sensitive with multi-touch, so you may not need the optical stuff very often!

Also notable are proper ports, two USB-A and one USB Type C, plus microSD expansion:

All in all, this is a cracking option, at an expected launch price under Indiegogo of $500-$600. The funding goal is $100,000, so the project only needs 200 backers to become reality. Apparently. I'm optimistic though, GPD has been around for a while, with an original production 'Pocket' in 2017, from which the company has learned.

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Source / Credit: Indiegogo