The AAWP Curated UWP app directory - August 2018 update

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Not a huge update, with just some tidying here and there and three additions, but I wanted to mark the August 2018 edition of the AAWP curated UWP application directory for all Windows 10 Mobile phones. See the graphic/link below and knock yourself out on apps - there's no Snapchat but you do get a lot more that will help you be more productive and generally get more from your phone - honest!

Curated Windows 10 Mobile UWP applications


Feel free to comment below, though I'm more likely to see app recommendations from the AAWP readership if you post them as comments on the directory feature itself.

PS. Note that there were broken links in this directory over the last month as a result of some searching and replacing that went a bit wrong (oops), but everything should work now. Shout if you find a dodgy link still!

Source / Credit: AAWP