Dropbox UWP gets new version and (sensible) name change

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Last covered two months ago, Dropbox's UWP application has always seemed a little 'off to one side' compared to the ambitions of the 'Desktop' (Win32) client. The latter's core function is to make sure that the same folder structure on your hard disk/SSD is synced with your Dropbox folders in the Cloud (and ditto on Mac). In contrast, for obvious reasons, the mobile Dropbox clients have always been about browsing your Dropbox online and downloading as needed. So, given the two modus operandi, why not make the difference clear in the application's name? Why not indeed? Enter 'Dropbox Explorer'.

Although the UWP application is bumped up to version 9.4.0, the changelog is minimal compared to v7.x:

  • UI tweak - Settings is now in the hamburger menu
  • UI tweak - 'Save to device...' is now just Save as...'
  • Tweaks for other Windows 10 form factors
  • THAT name change in the Store.


I really like the new name, it immediately lets you know what's going on and doesn't promise any deep sync. Well done to whoever at Dropbox decided to make things simpler and pull the naming switch.

You can grab this in the Store, if for any reason you don't already have it!

Any comments?

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