Microsoft To-Do gets fresh web instance too

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Microsoft's regularly-updated To-Do application and service is available on every platform under the sun, syncing in real time and works superbly. Including on Windows 10 Mobile. But what happens if you're on a borrowed or library computer and your smartphone is either not nearby or out of power or broken? Enter a web application that can be run in any web browser in any circumstance - you just need to sign in. Which is a handy facility and even runs under Windows Phone 8.1, though is subject to screen size limitations on older phones (it's unusable on my test Lumia 1020!)

So, although you can just use the excellent Microsoft To-Do UWP application, for completeness here's the web application running under Chrome on my Mac:


To-Do is turning into quite a stunning piece of cross-platform work. Update or edit anywhere and the changes are available everywhere. Perhaps the cornerstone of your work or family life? I'm sure you can think laterally and extend where this might be used?

The URL to go to in your borrowed or emergency browser is

PS. As I say, I tried this on the Lumia 1020, but the small screen foxed me - anyone still got a Lumia 1520 on 8.1 and willing to try this? - I think it might well work, giving a theoretical way to get Microsoft To-Do on the older platform.

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Source / Credit: WBI