The HP Spectre Folio 'reinvents the PC'

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Stepping away from phones, the Windows 10 world saw a genuinely new form factor overnight, UK time, with the US launch of the HP Spectre Folio, essentially a laptop, tablet, media device and creation tool, all in one - and the whole thing's wrapped in genuine leather. It's worth watching the video for this one, the Folio is genuinely impressive. And hey, it's got LTE too, so this can be a full all-in communications tool.

Here's WC's hands-on and initial verdict, Daniel was at the launch event in New York:

The HP Spectre Folio will be available in the USA and major European countries - ATT, Sprint and T-Mobile networks will be supported in the USA, Euro networks are yet to be announced, but I can't see why this wouldn't work across the board. 

The HP Spectre Folio will go on sale for $1400 in the USA and £1499 in the UK (blame Brexit and the weak pound). Pre-orders are starting today, and the HP Spectre Folio will ship by the end of October. 

The variety of hardware running Windows 10 in genuinely portable formats continues to impress. Is there room for a 'Surface Mobile' or 'Surface Phone'? Definitely yes, though 2018's attempt got shelved because the software wasn't ready. Maybe next year?

Source / Credit: Youtube