Dropbox Explorer becomes Dropbox Express (UWP)

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Last covered a month ago, Dropbox's UWP application has always seemed a little 'off to one side' compared to the ambitions of the 'Desktop' (Win32) client. The latter's core function is to make sure that the same folder structure on your hard disk/SSD is synced with your Dropbox folders in the Cloud (and ditto on Mac). In contrast, for obvious reasons, the mobile Dropbox clients have always been about browsing your Dropbox online and downloading as needed. So, given the two modus operandi, why not make the difference clear in the application's name? Why not indeed?

This was the reasoning behind last month's name change to 'Dropbox Explorer'. And now it's all change again, for version 10.4 of the UWP application, with yet another name change to 'Dropbox Express'. Which makes no sense at all, unless there was some kind of legal issue with using the former name. Utterly bizarre!

There's no other indication of changes, so perhaps a Flow story here is a little over the top, but I was concerned that the name change would otherwise confuse everyone - and Dropbox is a major service used by just about everybody!

The bump in version number to '10.4' specifically, over '9.4', does rather imply that it's the exact same code but with the name change warranting a major number bump!


You can grab this in the Store, if for any reason you don't already have it!

Any comments on the bizarre name change?

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