Monument Browser UWP's year of updates

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Last covered a full year ago here, Monument Browser UWP has been through numerous updates, with one only this morning, as I write this, so I thought I'd do a round-up. It's certainly a lot more feature rich than Edge, so if you're looking for the most useable browser on the platform then this is almost certainly it.

Here are some of the main changes (though there have been loads of smaller tweaks and bug fixes):

  • Added a password saver
  • Added an AdBlock whitelist for speed dial pinned pages
  • You can now change the number of maximum connections per download, this might make sure that the app uses all your bandwidth and prevents your connection from becoming idle when a download is being made.
  • You can now read web pages with less distractions with "Flyout Clear" mode

Here's the latest Monument Browser in action under Windows 10 Mobile:


With the Flyout Clear mode turned on (see the lightning bolt in the URL bar), you get distraction-free reading; (right) adding a favourite to the ad-blocking white list.


Opening an image link in a pop-up window - pretty neat... (right) downloading files comes with multiple connections now, plus a 'forced foreground' maximum speed option.


Under 'Extra features' you'll find toggles for many of the new features; (right) a core Monument Browser USP - being able to pretend to be six different browser configurations!

Monument Browser is well worth installing, upgrading to 'Pro' (to support development - it's only £1.40), and then sitting back and waiting for updates to make it even better. It's here in the Store.

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