The lawyer-avoiding rebrand: Spodicast Music!

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No, not a typo - last featured here two months ago, for a previous name change, it seems that the new label has spurred lawyers to get involved and the popular Webrox client for Spotify has been frced to change its name again. Oh well. The new name is a bit cheesy, but underneath it's the same application that works very well, triggering off your Spotify playlists and sourcing music from YouTube (mainly). Oh, the lengths we have to go to in the Windows 10 Mobile world in late 2018. Sigh.


Of note is that you'll have to log in again, i.e. re-enter your Spotify credentials, but this is a one-time thing and not too onerous.

This isn't a full Spotify client, but in some ways it's better, and cheaper, not requiring a Spotify monthly subscription (i.e. it works with a 'free' account).

And as before, you can buy Spodicast Music UWP here in the Store - it's a commercial application, with the quality that goes along with this - and there's a 24 hour free trial if you're not sure etc.

Comments welcome if you use this - how do you find it and how close is it to a first party Spotify client?

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