Enpass inexplicably knocks Windows 10 UWP support on the head

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Reviewed only last July (2018), Enpass UWP is a competent cross-platform password management (and general encrypted data) system. Except that 'cross platform' no longer includes Windows 10 UWP (and thus Windows 10 Mobile, plus XBox, Hololens, Windows 10 S mode devices, and so on). It's a bizarre decision by Enpass to only support the 'classic' x86 PC Windows platform, but there we go. It does seem as if this is a done deal and will probably affect quite a few Windows 10 Mobile users.


The usual positive caveat in such situations is that developers allow people who already have the previously supported client carry on using it, but Enpass seem to have knocked sync with their server on the head. This was all reported to us via AAWP regular Steve Heinrich:

All a bit disappointing for a company which had fully embraced Windows 10 and UWP apps in the past. 

There are alternatives, of course, and I'd welcome suggestions in comments.

I've been a fan of KeePass 2.x as an open source encrypted database system, for a decade now. I realise my set up is a bit geeky, but I keep my master encrypted 'blob' on both Google Drive and OneDrive (for extra security!) and then use KeePass2Android on my Note 9 to access all this live on my Android phone, then I use KeePassReader UWP on my Windows 10 Mobile phones - as the name suggests, it doesn't allow for live changes to the data, but 99% of the time all I need is access. There's also KeePassWin UWP, which does allow some writing, but isn't that polished and I'm also wary of having more platforms with write access to my life secrets. As I say, it all works for me, but the simplicity of Enpass UWP will be missed.