The Wileyfox Pro - now back in stock at £59!

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As detailed in my multi-part review, the Wileyfox Pro is no flagship, but there's still quite a bit to like - and at under £60 now it's a) surely a bargain, and b) probably the last time a Windows 10 Mobile phone will be offered for sale, new. So be quick - they're currently showing 15 units in stock.

From the Wileyfox web site:


See my in-depth two part review of the Wileyfox Pro, here and here on AAWP - it's a really neat little Windows 10 device and over-performs for what you might think given the raw specifications.

Here's what I said when it first went on sale:

The price looks high compared to Android offerings in 2018, of course, but then this doesn't really have any direct competitors. Businesses will buy these if they need a configurable and secure Windows 10 phone to hand out to employees and in such situations Android is way too open and insecure (for normobs), while iPhones are triple the price at least and won't match a Windows 10-centric business as well. Arguably.

And, at less than a third of the original price, all this applies even more so.

The Wileyfox Pro has a charm of its own that's not apparent until you've held it in your hand, taken it apart and generally appreciated the business use case.

Wileyfox Pro

Source / Credit: Wileyfox