TV Show Tracker UWP is slick and comprehensive

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Not to be confused with Trakt UWP, which does much the same job (hey, why not, a choice of apps has to be a good thing), TV Show Tracker UWP also interfaces with the popular service to keep track of your TV watching, logging stuff you've watched and reminding you of what's coming up.

From the Store description:

The best way to manage your TV shows on phone or tablet - seasons, details, casts and much more!

  • FAST access to your tv shows
  • CLEAN and efficient design
  • DISCOVER popular and trending shows
  • STATS about your tv shows consumption
  • CALENDAR with NOTIFICATIONS of incoming episodes
  • KEEP TRACK of your progress
  • OFFLINE ACCESS to your data
  • IMPORT your TVShow backup
  • LIVE tiles for the app and shows
  • FREE access to all main features with no restriction on show number
  • BACKUP your data to your account
  • ANDROID and IPHONE versions of the app available

Details of thousands and thousands of tv shows are available through the app.

Here's TV Show Tracker UWP in action:


The online database is huge - here's a trivial search for a popular comedy show. Everything comes with a full episode breakdown.


Keeping track of my latest run through The West Wing... (right) there's loads to fiddle with in Settings, and it's all swipeable, from tab to tab.


Customising some of the main views, plus (right) setting up the live tile (note the 'if possible', images didn't load in the tile for me).

Good stuff and a great example of a UWP application for all Windows 10 devices, including phones. You can grab it in the Store here. It's free to use, though you can help development by paying to get rid of ads if you want to help out.

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