Monument Browser UWP gets suggestion panel and page translation

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Last covered at the end of December 2018 here, Monument Browser UWP has been through numerous updates, with yet another one in the last week, so I thought I'd do a round-up. It's certainly a lot more feature rich than Edge, so if you're looking for the most useable browser on the platform then this is almost certainly it. 

Interestingly, we have some stats from the Monument Browser developers - almost 5000 people have paid to go 'Pro' since launch, around 90% on Windows 10 Mobile (and the rest on the Desktop).

Here are some of the main changes (though there have been loads of smaller tweaks and bug fixes):

  • Added a suggestion panel based on navigation history that pops up when user is typing on the address bar
  • Download Acceleration improvements
  • A button with a shortcut to translate current web page.
  • A button which scrolls the web page all over to the top
  • Force zoom on some mobile web pages

Interestingly, other features such as anti-tracking & anti-social networks tracking were added but they don't work quite right on Windows 10 Mobile because of the state of its SDK.


The suggestion panel at work - just start typing a site URL! (right) the main hamburger menu, though note that the URL bar buttons aren't controlled in Settings, they're under 'Extra features' on the Monument Browser home screen...


...and here they are, I've enabled those for translation and 'go to top'; (right) just for kicks, I'm also using yet another great feature of Monument Browser - being able to toggle the browser to Night mode. So here's AAWP 'gone dark'!


Here I'm browsing Amazon France (in Night mode) and then hit the 'Translate' button. Around 15 seconds later, it's all in English! You can pick any other language pair, of course. It's a far cry from the near instant translation in Google Chrome on the desktop, but hey, it just might save the day and is worth waiting for. (It's not clear whether you're supposed to be able to have translation AND Night mode, but it didn't work for me.)

Monument Browser is well worth installing, upgrading to 'Pro' (to support development - it's only £1.40), and then sitting back and waiting for updates to make it even better. It's here in the Store.

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