GDrive.NET UWP gets many fixes and Arabic support

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Last covered here over a year ago, this Windows 10 app for all phones, tablets and PCs to access your Google Drive content has been updated steadily. Nothing earth shattering, but I wanted to highlight the updates and that this still works well.

Here's the summarised changelog (for v6.3.2.640) since the last time we featured this app:

  • Under the hood improvements
  • Windows Hello fixes
  • Ad scaling fixes
  • Support for (and improvements to) 'Right to Left' languages (e.g. Arabic)
  • Improved Italian translations


No Google Photos API access anymore, but everything else is accessible directly. Office documents load in Word, Excel, and so on; (right) note the camera auto-upload facility. Perfect if you want your Lumia-shot photos to be auto-added to Google Drive for access on other OSes.

So yes, nothing drastically new, but like many things in the Windows 10 Mobile world it still works just fine, no matter what scare stories you hear about the OS from some parts. We may have lost (or are losing) some native applications, but this is third party and there's no reason it shouldn't carry on getting updated for a year or two yet.

You can grab GDrive.NET in the Store here. It's free to download and try, with ads that can be removed with an in-app purchase, along with unlocking some premium features. It's what I did. See also my full review of this essential Windows 10 Mobile UWP app here.

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