Unigram UWP (Telegram) gets emoji upgrade and music player!

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Unigram UWP (the unofficial Telegram client for Windows 10 Mobile) has received yet another big update, the development pace on this Windows 10 app is insane. Details below!

Here's the changelog since the last time we featured Unigram here, only a month ago (note that some items are for keyboard-enabled and Desktop devices (e.g. laptops):

  • More emoji sets: you can now download them from Chat Settings
  • Search emoji by keywords from the emoji panel
  • Added emoji skin tone selector
  • You can now start typing anywhere to compose a message, or, if you don't have any open chat, to trigger a search
  • (Almost) full featured in-app music player
  • New shiny system tray icon (you can disable it from Settings>Advanced)

Some screens of this new version in action on my IDOL 4 Pro:


Tapping on music in Unigram chats starts it playing, see the mini-player at the top of the UI in chat and conversation views. OK, so it's not background enabled, so you have to stay in Unigram, but it's still a nice touch.


Choosing an emoji 'set'. If you're a connoisseur of that sort of thing! (right) choosing skin tones for emojis...

See the Store entry for Unigram X UWP. It's a free download.

Do you use Telegram? Do you rail against people dismissing it as 'just one more messenger'? It does look immensely capable, but the real question is how many of your friends and family you can convince to use it, surely?

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