myTube 4.0 hits... in beta! More polish, background playback

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myTube has earned a reputation as one of the top Windows 10 UWP applications, not least because of regular updates and providing a vital function - as a polished YouTube client. The developer has been teasing a 'next generation' (v4) version for the best part of a year now, and it just appeared - in beta, so that you can both enjoy the experience and also get involved in finding issues and feeding back what you think.

The link is hidden in the Store (being a beta) but I have it for you here: - so go knock yourself out.

As you'd expect, I've given v4.0 a brief whirl and done some screenshots:


The hamburger menu looks a bit oversized on Mobile, but this is an early beta, so it'll get fixed! Note the hierarchical, collapsible options; (right) browsing videos in my subscriptions in the usual way.


Searching for a text string returns the usual thumbnailed matches, all very slick; (right) playback in action, with the usual tabbed split between details, comments, etc.


Handy to have my subbed channels in the hamburger, expanded pane; (right) videos carry on playing in the background and with full integration into Windows media playback - super handy for music videos, as here!

As I say, I'll come back to this in much more detail when it exits beta, in a few months.

PS. The regular v3.x, non-beta myTube UWP is also available, and in fact recently updated, details here.

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