Mini Radio Player UWP gets more efficient transitions, caching of resources

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Just over two months ago I posted about an update to Mini Radio Player UWP, a super application for accessing all forms of online radio, under the one roof. And the updates have been coming thick and fast, with another changelog below. I've omitted extra changelog items for the same app for Android, but it's worth noting that this application exists there anyway, should anyone be in the throes of switching platforms?

In the meantime, here's what's new (for Windows 10 Mobile) for the excellent Mini Radio Player UWP in the last month or so then, for v5.6.6, over and above v5.6.2:

  • Added app badges on About tab in Settings
  • Improved transitions by forcing reflow of objects before running the animation (this also simplified the code and made it more efficient)
  • Changed Premium account validation delay from 15 to 28 days
  • Added notification radio logo caching system. No longer downloads every time the notification is updated (which was wasting data)
  • Changed how interstitial ads are displayed to be more user friendly and avoid accidental taps
  • Bug fixes and other tweaks


Impressive, and I've been happily listening while writing this short story. Radio everywhere, whatever the source!

You can grab Mini Radio Player UWP in the Store here.

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