Renzy's Yahtzee PWA is well written but misses on Mobile

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I'm still keeping an eye on Appscope as a source for new and interesting PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) that run under the Edge browser and this is a beautifully written Yahtzee implementation that.... under Edge on Windows 10 Mobile at least, completely misses the point about the fun of the dice game because it removes the dice, for reasons of limited screen real estate!

All the 'fun' of translating dice faces into Yahtzee combinations then gets reduced to mathematics - and even for a maths whiz like me it's.... a step too far. Happily, as shown below, the absence of dice seems to be a concession for the smaller Mobile screen - on a desktop size browser window, you get dice graphics after all. Phew!

From the (super short) Appscope listing:

Basic Game of Yahtzee as Progressive Web Application with Offline Mode

The URL to tap on or type in is

Of course, you can turn this into an 'app' yourself with PAWA or just pin it 'as is' on your Start screen. Or just add it as a 'Favourite'. It's up to you. If you're confused by the different PWA options then check out my feature here.

Here's Renzys Yahtzee in action on my IDOL 4 Pro:


Dice scores simply appear, at least on Mobile, as prospective, unmarked totals in each Yahtzee row - you tap to 'hold' specific breakdowns, then 'Roll' to add to and update these. But it all feels wrong without on-screen dice to manipulate...

My objections to both gameplay and cosmetics disappear when using this PWA on a desktop class screen, mind you. (And no, you can't just rotate your phone screen to get more width, I tried that!!) Here's the full interface, which is complete and a hundred times more familiar and more playable.


Source / Credit: AppScope