First Look: Making phone calls using Your Phone on Windows 10

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With Microsoft's 'mobile' strategy moving these days towards providing better integration with Windows to existing Android smartphones, it's fascinating to see the development of its 'Your Phone' system. I covered it here in detail, but its 'next generation' is already being played with. In the video below, Zac Bowden has managed to enable the new Voice Calls feature - though do note that this hasn't rolled out to the mainstream yet (i.e. it's not on my Surface Pro's installed copy).

As usual with videos, enlarge as needed:

I've traditionally been a bit sceptical about putting phone functions on your PC screen, but I'm prepared to be persuaded. If indeed everything might need to field interruptions is put in front of you in Windows, with no need to take the phone out of your pocket, then why not?

It's early days though, plus the real time phone screen previews still only work on specific PC hardware and on (I think) specific phones. I'll watch the scene and report back before Christmas!

Comments welcome - would you use this?

Source / Credit: YouTube