Unigram (Telegram) UWP updates for the last quarter: Stickers and Backgrounds!

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Unigram UWP (the unofficial Telegram client for Windows 10 Mobile) has received yet another update or two, the development pace on this Windows 10 app has slowed a little, so this is a summary of updates in the last four months, but then it's now pretty mature. Details below - for this update it's mainly about stickers and chat backgrounds!

Here's the changelog for v3.11.2563, since the last time we featured Unigram here, (note that some items are for keyboard-enabled and Desktop devices (e.g. laptops):

  • Send ultra-lightweight high-quality animated stickers to express emotion with motion. 
  • Receive animated stickers instantly on any connection at just 20-30 KB per sticker. 
  • Enjoy smooth animations at 60 frames per second. 
  • Create new animated sets and upload them to @stickers for everybody to use. 
  • Try animated stickers from the Trending tab in your sticker panel. 
  • Global permissions for groups. Restrict all members in any group from posting certain types of content. 
  • Unified group settings. Make groups public, set admins with granular permissions and toggle persistent history in just a few taps in any group.  
  • Control whether your messages link back to your account when forwarded. 
  • Control who may see your profile picture. 
  • Search for individual stickers using words (based on the relevant emoji), enjoy improved GIF search. 
  • Share and set backgrounds via links that work on all platforms. 
  • Set a different background for each theme (e.g., light and dark). 
  • Use backgrounds you set on one device on your other devices. 
  • Enjoy a selection of new backgrounds. 
  • Improved navigation for busy chats: Scroll up to see the message date. 
  • "Flash window when receiving a notification" can be disabled from Settings > Notifications and Sounds. 

 Some screens of the new version in action:


Choosing stickers - these 'expand' into these animated ideas after you've selected a 'base' emoji. Give them a try! (right) see also 'Trending Stickers' in Settings...


One of the many trending sticker packs - it's Princess Leia! (right) also on offer now are many backgrounds for your chats (these are only seen by you, so it's just for your own enjoyment!)


Some of the many example backgrounds - each can be as-is, or blurred (to help visibility of text) and with optional 'motion' (the graphic moves with parallax as you move the phone)


A background in place underneath a test chat.

All good stuff! See the Store entry for Unigram X UWP. It's a free download. I should add that I had some instabilities with this version on my IDOL 4 Pro, so do feed back to the developer if you see the same, or any other issues. I've a feeling that the massive cosmetic innovations here will also require a small bug fix soon.

Do you use Telegram? Do you rail against people dismissing it as 'just one more messenger'? It does look immensely capable, but the real question is how many of your friends and family you can convince to use it, surely?



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