Newsfeeder PWA is the RSS feed reader you need...

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With only a couple of small caveats (one of them being that it runs 'light' and not dark on AMOLED screens), Newsfeeder is a really sophisticated PWA (Progressive Web Application) that runs in your Edge browser under Windows 10 Mobile and which lets you manage and access news feeds from around the world in traditional 'feed reader' style.

From the (super short) Appscope listing:

The easiest way to follow news from your favorite websites and blogs and news sites. Easily search for news on multiple platforms, find feeds on popular websites and more. Also works as a classic RSS/Atom reader.

The URL to tap on or type in is

Of course, you can turn this into an 'app' yourself with PAWA or just pin it 'as is' on your Start screen. Or just add it as a 'Favourite'. It's up to you. If you're confused by the different PWA options then check out my feature here.

Here's the PWA in action:


The Newsfeeder PWA up and running in Edge on my IDOL 4 Pro. Note the slick interface and hamburger navigation menu; (right) there are extensive help and tutorial screens included...


... the tutorial continues. It's all super-sophisticated by PWA standards; (right) in Settings you can (in theory) vary the feed refresh cycle times, though because Edge doesn't have the right 'service workers' for background operation, I don't think it matter what you have this set to - articles get refreshed when you're in the UI and that's that...


If you've got a traditional OPML list of feeds from a previous system then this is where you import it. I'm just starting from scratch here, searching for and adding AAWP!


With some more feeds added, here's a typical pane in 'My Feed', with headlines from AAWP and Android Beat, plus the default CNN and BBC; (right) tap through to see the full RSS text, typically a paragraph or so for a feed headline (then tap through again to the full site if needed).

What a terrific piece of javascript and HTML5/CSS code - this is PWA at its pinnacle under Edge on Windows 10 Mobile. Matched perhaps only by the official Twitter application. I'd love to see this packaged properly and in the Microsoft Store, but I doubt that it will happen at this late stage in the OS's life cycle.

Source / Credit: AppScope