Unigram (Telegram) UWP gets archive and privacy update

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Unigram UWP (the unofficial Telegram client for Windows 10 Mobile) has received yet another update, the development pace on this Windows 10 app has picked up again. Details below - for this update it's about filling in archive and privacy features.

The official changelog for v3.12.2605, since we last featured Unigram, for v3.11, is:


• Right click/long press on any chat to archive it.

• Right click/long press on your archive to hide it from the chat list.

• Pin an unlimited number of chats in your archive.


• You can now add any users to your contacts, even if their phone numbers are not visible.

• Quickly add users standing next to you by opening Contacts > Add People Nearby. You will see people who have this section open.


• Host local communities by creating location-based group chats from the People Nearby section.


• Choose who can see your phone number with granular precision in Privacy & Security settings.

For group admins and developers:

• Connect a discussion group to your channel to get a 'Discuss' button.

• Seamlessly integrate bots with web services.

Here are some of the above in screenshot form:


Long pressing to archive a chat... Though note the other context-sensitive options applying to a whole chat...


'Nearby' is a nice idea. For people and groups which have an assigned physical location, even in real time, the app can show you those closest, which may well help on connecting with someone you're with, physically, without having to exchange contact details. Plus being able to connect to and reach out to nearby groups might be a useful personal or technical resource.


A privacy setting to control who can see my phone number... Note the possibility of white and black listing below, too...

Unigram is really filling out now, in terms of functions. See the Store entry for Unigram X UWP. It's a free download.

Do you use Telegram? Do you rail against people dismissing it as 'just one more messenger'? It does look immensely capable, but the real question is how many of your friends and family you can convince to use it, surely?

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