Spotimo (Spotify) web wrapper playback now working for non-subscribers

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Fresh from my last Spotimo UWP story in mid-December, the (still beta) app has had another very significant update. Quite apart from a zillion bug fixes, attention has been paid to Windows 10 Mobile and the 'web wrapper' playback system now works on Lumias, etc. This is very relevant to anyone using Spotify in 'free' mode, so worth noting explicitly (Spotify subscribers could also use the 'Playback SDK' option).

Amidst the many bug fixes, most relevant to Windows 10 Mobile, there are two changelog items clearly relevant to W10M:

  • Lots of optimisations to improve performance on slower networks
  • Fixed Web Wrapper not working on Windows 10 Mobile

Here's the new fixed v1.4.2 in action anyway:


On the hamburger menu, tap on the gearwheel, bottom right, to access Settings...


Under 'Player type', it's now safe to tap on 'Web Wrapper', though note that it still says 'Experimental', so may improve further in due course(!)


And here's the proof. I'm in 'Free'/'Web Wrapper' mode and I'm chugging through a playlist and I've had zero issues. But, as ever, your data points welcome!

You can grab Spotimo here in the Store. And you can support the developer here on Patreon.

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