Monument Browser (UWP) into 2020

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Monument Browser UWP is one of the stars of the Windows 10 (Mobile) platform, going way, way beyond what Edge offers. And it's had a string of updates through 2019, summarised below, meaning that it starts 2020 in good shape, even if the platform itself is about to end official update support.

I've pieced together what's new for v2.3.115, since we last mentioned Monument Browser here, back in March 2019, and have boiled it down to:

  • Media Downloader improvements - now you can download from Twitter and some other sources which use m3u8 format, it will work better if you play the video on the web page first.
  • New search engines are now available in Monument Browser for Windows 10 devices: Qwant, Ecosia, Ekoru, and StartPage.
  • Minor changes to the interface, bug fixes and the addition of the Adblocker & Extensions panel.
  • New privacy options.

Plus the usual veritable mass of bug fixes and improvements, of course.

As usual, a few screenshots to add colour (ok, well, mainly black and white!):


Watching a video in Twitter, you'll find 'Media Downloader' on the '...' menu


This offers a (slightly confusing) choice of video downloads, though the top one usually works. Here I've grabbed it and (right) am playing it through Windows File Explorer from the appropriate download folder.


Seven search engines to choose from now (for things typed into the URL bar) - here (right) I'm trying Duck Duck Go...


Playing with the 'Adblocker & Extensions' pane - although not every customisation works under W10M, you can certainly block ads but also whitelist sites that you're OK with, etc. 

Monument Browser is well worth installing, upgrading to 'Pro' (to support development - it's only £1.40), and then sitting back and waiting for updates to make it even better.

As a quick reference, this is (sic) what you also get extra for your £1.40:

  • Download acceleration
  • Download M3U8 videos format
  • Unlimited web page capture to PDF and to read off-line, floating contents are automatically detected and removed.
  • No background download limitation
  • Media Inspection to search contents that can be downloaded in a page, inspect its url and download
  • OCR Text Recognition for images in a webpage using the cropped screenshot feature

 Monument Browser is here in the Store.

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