Surface Duo spotted in the wild (video)

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The Microsoft Surface Duo (aka 'Surface Phone') is now real enough that it's in employee hands, not just those of Panos Panay and Satya Nadella. See the tweet embedded below, from a spot in Vancouver. It shows a frame grab from a video, also embedded below. Of course, all this is irrelevant to those wanting Windows 10 Mobile on the device, but for anyone just wanting to see this dual screened folding device in the real world then it looks like this could be the first spot of many.

The photo shows a new front-facing flash that wasn't on the prototype that was shown to the world at the launch. Probably, the sole camera on the Duo will be this one, I'm guessing a 12MP or 16MP unit with some decent image processing software and hopefully OIS. Much of the time, on such a productivity-based device, it would be used in video calling (e.g. with Skype or Whatsapp), but by folding the 'right' screen around and behind, the camera would then be in a traditional position and with the 'left' screen as the viewfinder/UI.

There's also a (silent) video with some extra photos and some actual footage:

Loads of swipe fails in the UI, but then the (perhaps new to the device) user might not be used to the Microsoft Launcher gestures, plus the UI itself is probably buggy at this early stage, so it's tough to draw any conclusions.

It's unclear how much of the Surface Duo's hardware will change before the design is completely finalised, but I can't believe the screen resolution and size will change at all (so yes, those bezels are here to stay). Exact camera specs are fairly easy to change at the last minute though, ditto internals like flash storage and RAM.

Are you wanting this more and more? Or are you 'meh, it's doesn't run Windows'?