NexDock Touch 'announced'

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We've only just had the (Continuum/DeX) NexDock 2 in for review, but a hidden URL on the NexDock site points to a new variant of the lapdock, this time with a bigger, bezel-less touchscreen. In theory, this too will work with Continuum and Windows 10 Mobile, so it's very definitely of interest, though the photo shown is a mock-up and the quoted 'July 2020' shipping date should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt!

Here's the URL: and here's a screenshot from the page, anyway:


There's a complete lack of specs or details, so I'm guessing what's happened is that enough NexDock 2 owners started enquiring about a touchscreen variant that the company looked at the possibility. And slotting in a higher spec touchscreen was clearly found to be practical, though I'm doubting that anything more than a proof of concept has been made yet.

The $100 'reservation' price is a good deal though, given that it's refundable, and it'll give NexDock more of an idea of how many customers are actually interested. I've put down my $100 and will report on what happens in time!

I presume that the rest of the lapdock is the same spec (in terms of ports) as the original NexDock 2, and I'd expect a NexDock Touch to eventually retail at $299 or more - so if you are interested then get in quick!

Of the stated improvements, the touchscreen is interesting, but just as big a deal are, arguably, the larger display in the same form factor and the proper international keyboards - I'd gain a pound sign again, for example!

Source / Credit: NexDock