A video verdict on the Surface Duo from a parallel universe?

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I headed to our summer-house with a view to doing a rant about the new Surface Duo and it turned into a mini-Phones Show. I've embedded it below for your interest. Not really the fabled (Windows) Surface Phone of old, not quite a 2020 Android flagship, and very definitely not as good as it should have been - this is my unusual, part-fictonal take on the Surface Duo!

As usual with video content, click through to YouTube for best resolution and quality:

Too harsh? Microsoft contends that this is a new category of device. It might be right. But who's it aimed at? Why would anyone carry this around when they also have to carry another smartphone (for imaging, for payment)? Why wouldn't that person just pick a top end iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or OnePlus device AND an iPad mini or Surface Go and have far more functionality at similar expense?

Your comments welcome.

PS. Here's our initial Surface Go launch coverage.

Source / Credit: YouTube