Microsoft Launcher 6 update rolling out, for all Android and Surface Duo

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Microsoft's Launcher for Android has been a lot of fun to watch, in terms of providing a Microsoft-centric front end for millions of smartphones, but also because it's the basis for the imminently available Surface Duo. And the last piece of the jigsaw just hit the Google Play Store for non-preview/beta testers, in terms of full landscape mode support (with the Duo being landscape across two screens, of course).

I covered this at the start of 2020 when the first preview of v6.0 hit, but it's now fully stable and available to all. The most obvious improvements are dark theme and landscape mode support, but there's also now a redesigned Microsoft Feed, off to the left of the main Launcher home screens. Along similar lines to Google's Now/Briefing pane, it displays information from various Microsoft services and applications. An alternative to simply stocking up on widgets, you can see calendar items, news, weather and more here.

There's also now the facility to create folders in your 'app drawer', should you want to.

You can now grab this for any Android phone here in the Play Store. Have fun! It's not quite the same as owning a Surface Duo, of course, but in landscape at least, perhaps with a Bluetooth keyboard connected, you're at least partly there in terms of the MS experience!