Adding DSLR lenses to a Lumia 1020...(!)

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Although we can't embed the video on AAWP, it's worth a watch anyway by clicking through - a guy called Peraho Qeurtes has partially disassembled and modified a Lumia 1020 to accept DSLR lenses - and, amazingly, it all works, after a fashion. With two competing focussing systems (the 1020's own PDAF and its own moving optics, plus the DSLR lenses), the user experience will be a train wreck, of course, but 10/10 for commitment to the hobbyist cause...

Slightly annoyingly, for someone trying to make an imaging super-device, the video production qualities are low, but you'll get the gist. And no, you won't want to be doing this to your own precious 1020 - please!

1020 with DSLR

The video can be watched here, on Facebook. A mod too far, of course. Argh - my eyes!!

PS. My own 1020 disassembly was more productive, replacing the battery and display 8-)

Source / Credit: Facebook