OneDrive for iOS (again) gets a makeover, including widgets

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OneDrive is somewhat central to what most people do on Windows phones, and it's always good to see Microsoft investing in the service and applications, even if not on Windows itself. Back in May, we had an overhaul for OneDrive for the iPhone (iOS), and Microsoft are at it again, adding a revamped homescreen showing your most recent photos and documents. Essentially the 'Recent' tab in the original application has been promoted and given a facelift. You also get photo widgets, showing 'On this day' memories or other recent photos.

The update to the iOS OneDrive client is in the App Store now and needs iOS 14 (now available to all) for best effect. Some screenshots of the new version in action:


Introducing OneDrive 'Home'. Err... I mean 'Recents', given a makeover! You get 'On this day', recent files, and offline files. All very handy though, with 'Files' now shunted off to the second tab and the hamburger menu working as before. Guess I'd better use a bit more of my 1TB, eh?


New in the iOS 14 widgets list is 'OneDrive', though don't get too excited. iOS's widgets are static affairs (akin to live tiles on WP) and you only get some nice visuals, two sizes of 'On this day' photo thumbnails. I'm sure more is planned for future updates though.

From Microsoft:

Today we’re launching a new home screen in the OneDrive iOS app. The new home experience will help you quickly pick up where you left off on recent and offline files and easily re-discover memories from the past. For OneDrive personal users the new home experience will feature three main sections: recently accessed files, files downloaded for offline use, and “On This Day” photos, which help you relive memories from years past. For OneDrive work and school users the new home experience will highlight recent files, shared libraries, and offline files. The new experience replaces the previous home screen which displayed a root view of your files. This view can still be found in the Files tab, which appears beside the Home tab in the app.

The new home experience is currently offered only on the OneDrive mobile app for iOS and iPadOS.1 (It is expected to arrive on the Android app by the end of the year). It’s available for all OneDrive accounts including free and paid accounts as well as work, school and home accounts. If you use an iOS phone or iPad and you have the OneDrive app, you should see the new home experience. If you don’t see the new home screen then try updating your OneDrive appto the newest build.

Introducing the OneDrive widget for iPhone

Now, when you run iOS14 on your device, you can add a OneDrive widget to your iPhone home screen. The widget displays your photo memories on this day across previous years. And, if you don't have any On This Day photos for today, you'll see your most recent photos that you've saved to the cloud. This feature is only available for personal OneDrive accounts and requires iOS 14 plus the latest version of the OneDrive app (build 11.51 or greater) on your phone.

You can grab OneDrive for iOS here in the Apple App Store. There's a version for Android too, of course, but it's not quite as sophisticated. Plus an earlier version is built into every Windows phone, of course!

Source / Credit: Microsoft