Meanwhile, at the Apple spaceship...

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While I've been dealing with a deluge of new Google Pixels, Apple went and announced new iPhones, as I'm sure you'll see elsewhere online. The iPhone 11 Pro, in terms of camera, battery and speakers, has managed to work its way into my heart over the last year, representing a step change in hardware capability (the turning point was when iPhones started to get thicker again and Apple dropped its obsession with thinness). This year's line-up, dubbed (of course) iPhone 12, has four models, catering for different budgets and size preferences. You'll have seen my most recent recommendations for smartphones to replace a Lumia, note that the SE 2020 is still available too, of course.

The main improvements to note are:

  • the larger sensor and aperture of the Pro cameras
  • the new flat edged designs
  • the MagSafe magnet attachment system
  • LiDAR-enhanced faster auto-focus for low light shots
  • Dolby Vision video support, including editing on the phone

Impressive as always, and the prices are the same as last year, yet with double the storage.

The models are the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you have time, skim through the video presentation linked below - the iPhone section starts at 13 minutes:

Source / Credit: Apple