How to: carry on playing 'Chess Online'

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A little niche, this one, but I'm not the only geek who enjoys a game of chess online. And, having reviewed Chess Online+ UWP favourably a few years ago, for Windows 10 Mobile, I wanted to mention that it has stopped working but that you can carry on playing via the host web site. Chess Online+ was a front end to Chess with Friends and at the time I commented on how much more enjoyable the experience was compared to playing via the Edge browser. Sadly, the host web site has been changing its code and Chess Online+ no longer works, as shown below. Happily, still works pretty well in Edge, so all is not lost - you can keep your rating, 'gold', and more, with your usual login details.


Chess Online+ UWP now comes up as shown above - something's horribly wrong and it's clear that the UWP app no longer copes with the code/API on the Chess with Friends web site...


As you'll see here, although you have to put up with an advert and Edge URL bar*, the online chess interface, account, and opponents you love are all still available, just set as a favourite in Edge. Phew!

* or experiment, perhaps, with PAWA, effectively turning this site into a PWA, something that can exist on your Start screen.

PS. In fairness, there are other sites that allow online chess, maybe this would make an article on the site, if there's enough interest?

Source / Credit: Chess with Friends