Motorola's 'Ready For' desktop joins the Continuum idea

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Up until now, Continuum experiences, i.e. a full desktop mode running a mobile OS on a desktop monitor or lapdock, have been just Samsung's DeX or Huawei's Easy Projection. Now, pedants will point out how unique Continuum was in that the desktop IS the real OS and not just a desktop mode/hack. Quite right. But that aside, the user experience in DeX is pretty darned good (last used here with my NexDock Touch) - which is why I'm happy to note that Motorola just launched its own desktop system for its flagship phones. 'Ready For' (terrible name) is available now for the Edge+ (in the USA and selected markets, Ted's been reviewing his Edge+ for Phones Show Chat) and seems to be very much along the same lines as DeX. Hard to call it a copy, since the desktop idea has been around on PCs for decades, mind you!

Tim Schofield had the exclusive video intro anyway, it's worth a watch:

Not as elegant as Continuum and Windows 10 Mobile, of course, but then the latter was stillborn to a degree and never refined, whereas this looks slick and responsive. I'll look forward to putting it head to head with DeX on my stable of gadgets at 'All About' Towers.

Motorola says that 'Ready For' will be coming to other handsets in due course, though the company doesn't have many flagship grade bits of hardware, so I'd expect just the world variants of the Edge+ first!

Source / Credit: YouTube