A Lumia 950 XL in 2021?

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YouTuber 'HiTechKing' posted recently about returning to 'Windows Phone' in 2021 - it's fair to say there were lots of caveats (and I think he had forgotten a few tricks and tips), but overall he still loved the concept and the UI. His video is embedded below for your interest.

Here's the video anyway - it's fairly brief and the back never comes off, but hey, some 'Windows Phone' love in 2021 should be acknowledged from any source:

He's right about the tiled interface, but I contend that it was only really used properly on the original Windows Phone 8 - over time Microsoft took away some of the live tile support from built-in applications and failed to develop it for apps which did have support, e.g. (Outlook) Calendar. So the UI ended up on Windows 10 Mobile being little more than a fancy launcher - and thus able to be imitated on Android using utilities like Launcher10.

His comments about lack of YouTube, Instagram, and so on are a little harsh, given the decent PWA support for those services in Edge and given the presence of excellent third party clients in the Store. So I'm not sure he looked too hard for applications. Oh well. The love for the device and OS is still appreciated!

Source / Credit: YouTube