Double wide, double-height live tiles at last. On Android!!

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Back in May 2019, I took a look at Launcher 10, an Android app launcher/front end that mimics Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile and helps keep continuity of interface for anyone switching away to an Android flagship, in the absence of current Windows hardware. Then in August 2019, the launcher added a big new feature that even Windows phones never had - landscape mode. And now, in March 2020, comes another UI aspect that never made it to Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile - double-height, double-width live tiles!

From my initial look's conclusion:

My takeaways then, after (admittedly only) a day with Launcher 10:

  1. For anyone who's addicted to the Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile Start screen, then this utility provides a good, though not perfect, way to get the same home UI on Android. But at least you can get the phone interface more familiar than when thrust straight into Android's homescreen layouts.
  2. If you do go down this route then factor in the £5 purchase, as you will need the premium 'live tiles', even though many applications don't support this functionality - it's worth it for the apps that do.

Here are updated screenshots from the new version:

Live tiles can now be resized to be double-height as well as double-width - Windows 10 Mobile only ever got the latter before Start screen development was stopped. Here, Steam and Edge are resized in this way.


Launcher 10 also now has the ability to enlarge icons proportionally for the double-height, double-width tiles (so that the icons don't sit small in a large space!) Here Viber, Outlook and Camera are enlarged in this way.

Comments welcome! I think I'll need to set up a spare Android phone here again with this software and see how I get on as 2020 rolls on, as the urgency of finding a supported phone platform increases.

You can find Launcher 10 here in the Google Play Store for most Android devices. Is it enough, for you, to make you feel at home on Android? Comments welcome!

Source / Credit: Play Store