In praise of the Surface Duo

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Now listen up, to the words of a certain Mr B Johnson. No, not that one - Barry Johnson, a well spoken YouTuber, who has been using a Microsoft Surface Duo for a while and in the video below he talks of all its good points. No potato camera, no weedy speaker, no frame cracking issues, just praise of the dual screen (and foldback single screen) concept. Refreshing.

It's well worth a watch:

He makes the good point that if the rumoured Duo 2 camera bump turns out to be true, then his favourite single screen fold-back feature will be impacted. The Duo's form factor is absolutely unique but also absolutely compromised in terms of where components can go. We'll see what Duo 2 ends up looking like when it launches in a month's time.

In the meantime, the Surface Duo is still available at 'fire sale' prices in most markets, so it's never been cheaper to pick one up. Comments?

Source / Credit: YouTube