The Surface Duo now 'up to UKP720 off'

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Take the saving with a pinch of salt, since the current price, £679, is very much what the Surface Duo should have been at launch. And it's something of an insult to only see it at a sensible price almost a year after first availability, with the announcement of the Surface Duo 2 very clearly just around the corner. But hey, if you're in the UK and always fancied a Surface Duo play then here we go - a price that won't break the bank and offers quite a decent dual-screened Android experience.

Here's the current listing, anyway:


Again, somewhat insulting to UK users that this huge price drop comes half a year after similar drops in the USA, but it's best to take it at face value. It's either worth it now or it's not, as-is. In terms of software, the Surface Duo should get its long, long-awaited Android 11 update 'soon' - though you have to wonder, after all this time, if this will stay on Android 10 (with security updates) and the Duo 2 will launch with Android 11, etc. Bringing the Surface Duo to where it should have been all along.

Of course, the Duo 2 will also launch with a silly price (£1400 etc) and then we start the cycle all over again. The Duo 2 has been spotted with triple camera bump, but take those images with a pinch of salt, since they could equally well be of one of the many Surface Duo/Andromeda prototypes that Microsoft was considering.

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Source / Credit: Microsoft