Gallery: NexDock Touch (DeX/Continuum lapdock)

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A year ago, I reviewed the NexDock 2, providing a full Type C Continuum lapdock experience for Windows 10 Mobile flagships and, importantly, any other smartphone with desktop support in its OS. So Samsung DeX on the top end Galaxy phones, Huawei's Easy Projection' and even LG with a more primitive offering. The NexDock 2 was impressive but flawed, but the NexDock Touch fixes all complaints and is The. Most. Impressive. Lapdock I've seen so far. Full review coming very soon, but here are my first thoughts and image gallery.

As with the original, the NexDock Touch is a super cool extender accessory for any Windows 10 Continuum or Samsung DeX fan. The idea is to plug in via USB Type C and have the entire OS/UI extended to the lap dock screen (while the phone screen acts independently), with access to a full keyboard, full trackpad, large battery, and truck-loads of extra ports, all accessible to the phone's OS.

The Touch version here is upgraded with touch (obviously), much improved quad speakers, bigger screen, bigger trackpad, and so on. Watch this space for my full review. In the meantime, here's the opening gallery and first impressions.

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