AAWP Insight #44: Windows Phone 8 launch

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Episode 44 of the AAWP Insight Podcast is something of a special edition, with Rafe and Ewan sitting down face to face to record their early thoughts on the Windows Phone 8 launch event, and Windows Phone 8 launch hardware. Ewan talks about the emotion in the message that Microsoft was presenting, and Rafe ponders whether this offers a way to break through into general consumer's awareness. There's also chat on each of the high end launch devices, and, for our UK listeners, some more commentary on the Lumia 920 exclusivity arrangements.

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Show Notes

This podcast was recorded on Tuesday October 30th 2012. Please excuse the background noise in the podcast, it's what happens when you record a podcast out in the open, in the late London afternoon.

In this podcast we cover:

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