AAWP Insight #146: job losses, focussed portfolio, Windows 10 Mobile

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In AAWP Insight #146, hosted by Steve and Rafe, we talk through the implications of Microsoft's recently announced job cuts to the Devices Group and the associated $7.8 billion write down linked to the acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services business. We also cover the latest Windows 10 Mobile Build (10166) and highlight Steve's recent investigation of Windows 10 Mobile's performance on different processor/RAM configurations (from Lumia 520 to 1520).

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Show Notes

This podcast was recorded on July 15th 2015. 

Topics discussed in this podcast include:

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Errata: I mentioned in the podcast (from memory) that the Lumia 520 didn't have a microSD slot - this is incorrect, though my general point about low end Windows Phone users not necessarily being inclined - or even able - to upgrade to W10M still stands, I think. Editorial coming soon!

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