AAWP Insight #168: Verdict from the cutting edge

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In a special AAWP podcast, Neil Gilroy steps into Rafe's shoes, delivering a verdict on the state of Windows 10 Mobile and the Lumia 950 XL, from the point of view of someone usually found at the cutting edge on iOS and Android. How well does Windows and the new hardware stack up?

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Show Notes

Rafe'll be back next week, hopefully. In the meantime....

This podcast was recorded on February 3rd 2016. It's a free-ranging chat but we do refer to themes in "The Long, Slow Decline..."? Well, yes, but there's still a concept, a vision, a future...

[Update: OK, ignore what I was saying about the Lumia 640 and 950 sharing the same battery - I was misled by the wrong title here on Amazon. I've now tried the two phones and batteries and they're different lengths. Ah well....]

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