AAWP Insight #170: Lumia 650, MixRadio

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In AAWP Insight #170, hosted by Steve and Rafe, we start with a quick preview and discussion of what we expect to see in Barcelona at MWC next week. We follow this with some thoughts on the software update experience for modern smartphones, before going on to talk about the Lumia 650 (specification, positioning and design). In the second part of the podcast Rafe laments the demise of MixRadio and we recall some of the highlights of this groundbreaking music streaming service.

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Show Notes

This podcast was recorded on February 18th 2015. 

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NB. (from Steve) Referring to the discussion, there IS indeed a screen in the Windows 10 Mobile startup which says 'A few more apps still need to finish installing. It should only take a few minutes.' The problem is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. After this stage has completed and after the Start screen is handed over to the user, there's still around 40 apps needing updating in the background, to their latest versions in the Store. And if the user has also requested restoring from a previous backup then we're talking MANY more, totalling several HOURS on Wi-fi. So I do think the Microsoft warnings could be stronger and more extensive.

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