AAWP Insight #177: Redstone, 920 vs 435, and 950 vs iPhone SE

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In AAWP Insight #177, we talk a little more about Redstone (and availability on various devices) and recap the Steve's recent Lumia 920 vs 435 investigations, which considered the performance of Windows 10 Mobile of these two devices. Other topics discussed this week include the auto-updating of apps, the availability of Universal Remote Desktop as a Continuum app, and some imaging chat off the back of an iPhone SE versus Lumia 950 head-to-head. 

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Show Notes

This podcast was recorded on April 14th 2016.

NOTE that this was being recorded while the latest Redstone build 14322 was being released, which is why there's no mention of it in the show - and which also explains how I thought that Redstone was safe to jump to, with no showstoppers. In fact, 14322 does have a few. See this news story and its comment thread for details before you push the button on this one!

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