Rafe Blandford and MWC 2017

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Wrapping up MWC 2017 week, and with Rafe exhausted after 100,000 steps in five days, I wanted to provide at least a taste of this year's show, via Rafe's Twitter feed, via my own analysis, and so on. On the AAWP front, we saw the revised HP Elite x3 and news that the IDOL 4S Pro is heading to Europe, but the scope of MWC is vastly wider and Rafe's good at finding interesting tit-bits, see the embedded tweets below!

Before heading into tweets though, I'd like to embed my own Phones Show 302, which attempted to round up the major phone releases of the show in a fast-paced but easy to watch six minutes or so. Nothing directly relevant to AAWP or AAS, but very definitely of interest. And AAS readers should watch the remaining three minutes, since I cover both the Nokia 9500 and a new QWERTY wannabe...

Anyway, from Rafe Blandford's public Twitter feed, to give you a 'dip in' flavour of MWC without having to actually go there, here are some of my favourite illustrated tweets of his, in approximate chronological order, spotted in between commitments for DigitasLBI. They're hopefully self-explanatory and you can click through if you want to know more about a particular subject:

See Rafe's full feed for all his tweets, the selection above aren't even half of what he's posted during the last week. Rafe will be back on the AAWP podcast in the coming week, where I hope to hear more about the latest trends in mobile, plus we can chat about the latest Windows mobile stories.

I'd also like to mention friend Leigh Geary's YouTube channel for Coolsmartphone, in which he takes several HOURS (really) to walk through just about every stand in every hall in the show. Wow. Respect. Go check it out the walkthroughs here and here.