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Nokia Transport (Nokia Public Transit in the US), which was previously available in beta, has now been formally released and is available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. The app provides routing and navigation information for public transport (trains, buses, trams and more) for more than 500 cities in more than 40 countries, complementing Nokia's other location apps.

Nokia Transport ScreenshotNokia Transport Screenshot

While Nokia Drive provides in-car navigation, Nokia Transport has been made to help you plan a journey via public transport. For example, when planning a trip across London, the application will advise you which underground lines to take, and which parts of the journey require you to walk. The walking parts of a journey are complemented by a deep-link to pedestrian navigation in Nokia Maps

As David noted in our original coverage of Nokia Transport:

Making sense of public transport timetables can be a demanding task - especially if you're in a hurry. Nokia Transport's key feature is that it abstracts such data into visual representations that is much easier to process. Journeys are presented as a stacked timeline, with each segment representing each leg of the journey; e.g. train, bus, or walking. Alternate routes are shown in a horizontal progression, their position indicating the departure time and overall length representing the trip duration. It will be possible to pin journeys to the start menu, but this option is currently disabled in the beta.

Nokia Transport detects your current location and automatically puts that as your departure point, but this can be changed if needed. Usually, the only input required is your destination. Then, as described above, Nokia Transport will display a series of journeys. If you want to delay your departure, continually swiping to the left will load journeys further into the future. Tapping on any of the journeys opens a single page showing a detailed view of that journey, and swiping to the side shows the next departing journey in this view.

Nokia Transport provides information for 512 cities in 46 countries. In 80 of those cities real time (i.e. schedule) information is available, so that you can see exactly how long your journey will take. Nokia says it will add additional cities and improved coverage for existing cities over time.

Nokia Transport ScreenshotNokia Transport Screenshot

Nokia Transport (version 1.2), which is available exclusively for Nokia's Lumia devices, can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace. If you already have the Nokia Transport beta installed then you may need to manually update to the release version (and uninstall the beta).

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